Monu products

MONU Professional Skincare Products

- a british company with over 35 years of experience
- products contain only natural ingredients including essential oils and plant extracts
- NO animal testing
- Recyclable packaging from sustainable resources- advance manufacturing process to ensure quality products
- created with beauty client in mind for maximum results
- scientificly researched and developed based on international scientific data
- ... and also feels and smells incredible !!!

'ONLYYOURX' Chemical peels

-  30 years of experience
- specialising in skin care with products at maximum levels of highly active ingredients.
- providing corrective skincare treatments specifically designed to target individual skins needs.
- designed to balance, heal, treat, and restore the skins functions allowing it to return to its normal healthy state.
- manufactured with uncompromising, high quality, pharmaceutical grade ingredients that bring results.
- NO Animal testing - ONLY YOURx products are never tested on animals and are made from non-animal derived, non comedogenic, and paraben free ingredients.

only your x
Outback Organics

Waxing - Outback Organics Waxes

- company with strong ethical and enviromental beliefs
- free from synthetic colouring and harsh chemicals
- NO animal testing
- exotic fruit and plant extracts - ethically and naturally sourced
- natural product providing amazing results - while being gentle to your skin 

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