Luxury Dermaplaning Facial - £60
includes a deep cleanse, Dermaplaning of face & neck, enzyme peel, hand&arm massage and LED light therapy

Express Dermaplaning - £35
Face only (up to jaw-line)

Dermaplaning is a form of manual exfoliation using a sterile tool to gently but very effectively scrap away 21 days worth of dead & dull skin cells - along with the soft vellus hairs on our faces that so many of us struggle with. It reveals the radiant soft, smooth skin underneath. 

- enhances penetration of skincare products
- promotes new healthy cell regeneration
- temporary removal of fine vellus hairs
- diminishes fine lines
- smooth skin texture ( your make-up will glide-on and look flawless )
- rejuvenates skin
- reduces hyperpigmentation
- smoothes minor Acne scaring

Dermaplaning FAQ

As we are not affecting the root of the hair it will not change the size, shape or colour of the hair. The hairs will grow back exactly as before.

Your skilled therapist will use light strokes to gently scrape away skin cells. Although very unlikely, there is a very small chance of a nick in the skin.

Dermaplaning is suitable for most skin-types
The only exceptions are
- severe active acne
- use of Roaccutane
- chemotherapy/radiation therapy within the last year
- taking blood thinners
- haemophilia

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