Non surgical facelift

Non-surgical facelift / Skin tightening using Radio frequency

Face&Neck treatment price - £75
Course of 6 Face&Neck treatments - £390

Décolletage Only - £40
Décolletage Add-on - £20

Lip plumping Only - £30
Lip plumping Add-on - £15

Radio-frequency facials, also known as the non-surgical facelifts, are among the favourites of the celebrity world to keep their skin tight, youthful and lifted. This powerful technology uses radio waves to transmit heat into the dermal layer, where it breaks down the older weaker collagen. This allows new strong collagen to take its place, leaving your skin noticeably tighter, lifted and contoured.

RF is very comfortable - you will experience a gentle warmth radiating from the treatment head through your skin, while our therapist slowly moves the device in soothing, rhythmic circles across your chosen treatment area.     

Great news - Yes ! 
Following RF treatments you can immediately carry on with your normal routine - There is absolutely no 'downtime'. On occasions a mild redness of the skin may be present.

After the initial course of treatments the effects can last for approximately 2 years - with single top-up treatments every 6-9 months in between.

A course of 6 treatments is recommended to achieve the best results - as it takes time for your skin to regenerate the new collagen. 

RF is an advanced electrical treatment, therefore it may not be suitable for some clients. If you are affected by any of the following we might be able to advise an alternative procedure (please be aware this list is not conclusive and there may be other conditions precluding you from RF - the therapist will advise you during your consultation)

- pregnancy / breastfeeding
- pacemaker / internal defibrillator
- cardiac disorders
- cancer
- active eczema/psoriasis in treatment area
- recent surgical procedure in treatment area
- Botox and fillers in the treatment area in the last 3mths

A doctors note may be required for other disorders such as diabetes or polycystic ovaries

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