Nano infusion

Nano-Infusion Therapy

Face & Neck - £65

Nano infusion therapy is an effective, safe, non-invasive, comfortable treatment, which can treat a number of skin condition such as dry skin, active acne, dull skin, large open pores and ageing.
Nano infusion is all about the specialised 'serums'. Your therapist will select a tailored MESO-Vile for your skin type and condition. Using the automated applicator we create temporary micro channels, which places the serum exactly where we want it - just under the skin surface - giving you 97% better product absorption than any topical creams. The Nano Infusion is so gentle that it can be used even over the lips and very close around the eye area.

Nano infusion therapy

- improve fine lines
- deeply hydrating
- increases cell renewal
- calms down active acne
- helps with open pores
- rejuvenates dull, tired looking skin
- smooth lines on the lips
- lightens dark circles around the eye

Nano Infusion FAQ

for the best results we recommend having 2 treatments 2 weeks apart and then monthly or as required

This treatment is very comfortable - only the vibration from the device is being felt. Most people will find this relaxing.

Yes, this procedure is comfortable and you are able to go about your day straight after. Make-up is not recommended on the day of treatment and of course keeping the area clean is a must.

Nano is suitable for most.
Exceptions are (but not limited to)
- use of Roaccutane
- chemotherapy/radiation therapy within the last year
- taking blood thinners
- haemophilia
- pregnacy & breast feeding
- loss of sensation in treatment area
-blood born diseases

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