Lumixa fluorescent facial

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LUMIXA fluorescent therapy

Stand alone treatment - £70
As add-on to facial treatments over £40 - £45

* course of 5 treatments recommended

 The next big thing in LED therapy has arrived !!  LUMIXA !!

This latest innovation in fluorescent light therapy has proven in clinical trials to be  capable of boosting collagen production by up 700% and shown a decrease of skin inflammation by up to 80% .

This treatment is fast and comfortable with no downtime. After a deep cleanse of your skin, our therapist will mix the appropriate Activator Gel for your skin type and generously apply it to your face. The high intensity blue light of the DermaLux LED device will penetrate the gel to produce 'Fluorescent Light Energy' (FLE).
This includes a wide-spectrum of wavelengths, which 'supercharges' the benefits of a standard LED treatment by up to 7 times.    

Amazing benefits can be seen after your very first treatment, however a course of 5 treatments is recommended and will promote lasting results. 

LUMIXA© at Leading Edge Aesthetics

Phototherapy Dermalux

LED Light-Therapy with Dermalux©

Stand alone treatment - £40
Add-on (to any facial over £40) - £20

LED light therapy is a non-invasive face and body treatment that uses narrow-band, non-thermal LED light energy to trigger your body's natural cell processes to accelerate rejuvenation and repair of the skin.

It is recommended for
- skin rejuvenation
- sun damage
- acne
- rosacea
- eczema
- psoriasis
- dermatitis
- sensitive and inflammatory conditions
- wound healing & scarring
- restoring skin radiance

Your relaxing intense treatment will be tailored by our specialist to your skin's unique requirements. The specialist will choose from the 3 different light-wavelengths available depending on the intended result.


Dermalux© at Leading Edge Aesthetics

To learn more about 'how our Dermalux© LED light therapy device will benefit your skin' click on
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