Chemical peel

Chemical Peel

Facial Chemical Peel - £50

Hand Chemical peel Only - £35
Hand Chemical peel Add-on - £15

Décolletage Only - £35
Décolletage Add-on - £15

The amazing 'ONLY YOUR X' professional pharmaceutical grade 'Rainforest Collection' of chemical peels in various strengths are suitable for most skintypes and have the power to treat a multitude of skin conditions. 


 Just fresh soft rejuvenated youthful skin.

Chemical peels

Treatable Skin Conditions
- dry/dull dehydrated skin
- acne and acne scaring
- open pores
- rough texture
- fine lines
- uneven skin tone
- photo damage (Sun damage - brown spots/patches)
- oily skin
- hyperpigmentation

Chemical Peel FAQ

These chemical peels are specifically designed to be applied to the skin to gently dissolve the connections of dead skin cells. This effectively removes the outer most skin layer. This process promotes the regeneration of new healthy cells and causes increased collagen production, resulting in a softer, more radiant and youthful looking skin.

After a detailed skin assessment our trained therapists will choose a suitable strength level of your treatment.
While our chemcial peels are suitable for most people,
we have to advise against treatment if you have one of the following conditions

- pregnant or currently breastfeeding
- recent cancer treatment (1yr from last treatment is required)
- suffering from auto-immune disorders (such as lupus)
- anyone who does not have full sensation of their skin in the treatment area

We all feel things differently.
Most clients describe the chemical peel as a gentle
'tingling' sensation, while others will feel nothing at all

These treatments can be used as a 'one-off' skin brightener. To effectively treat skin conditions - such as acne or scaring - a course of peels would be recommended.
Course length and strength level will be dependant on skin assessment.

- avoid tanning prior to treatment
- avoid waxing in treatment area 48hrs prior
- avoid laser/IPL/microdermabrasion one week prior
- avoid botox/dermalfillers one week prior
- avoid abrasive skin scrubs 24hrs prior
- Please discontinue use of topical face-creams which contain
'AHA' or 'Retin A' prior to your peel

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