Carboxy facial

Carboxy Facial

Carboxy facial - £60

Our Carboxy facial will brighten and rejuvenate your skin. It infuses your skin with carbon dioxide gas, which in turn encourages extensive oxygen flow into the Dermis & Epidermis. It stimulates the natural growth factors of the skin and increases lymph drainage to new levels.

The amazing effects are
- brighter skin tone
- skin tightening
- reduction of 'dark circles' under your eyes
- smoothing & softening of lines/wrinkles
- improved circulation & regeneration


 Just fresh soft rejuvenated youthful skin.

Carboxy Facial FAQ

These chemical peels are specifically designed to be applied to the skin to gently dissolve the connections of dead skin cells. This effectively removes the outer most skin layer. This process promotes the regeneration of new healthy cells and causes increased collagen production, resulting in a softer, more radiant and youthful looking skin.

After a detailed skin assessment our trained therapists will choose a suitable treatment plan.
While our Carboxy Facials are suitable for most people,
we have to advise against treatment if you have one of the following conditions

- pregnant or currently breastfeeding
- recent cancer treatment (1yr from last treatment is required)
- suffering from auto-immune disorders (such as lupus)
- anyone who does not have full sensation of their skin in the treatment area
- very sensitive skin type
- active eczema, psoriasis or rosacea

We all feel things differently.
Most clients describe the carboxy treatment as a mild
'tingling' sensation with localised warmth. You will hear the gas bubbles being created within the mask-to-skin layer of the gel.

These treatments can be used as a 'one-off' skin brightener or a once-a-month facial. As the results are cumulative, a course of 4-8 treatment sessions placed 7-14 days apart will produce the very best results.

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