Ultrasound Cavitation

Intense inch-loss using 4D Ultrasound Cavitation Lipo

Price - from £70 per session (click here for detailed pricing) 

YES ! Finally it is possible to lose unwanted inches in those stubborn areas that frustratingly never seem to respond to diet or exercise - whether it is bingo wings, muffin tops, back fat, thighs or tummy - our 4D Ultrasound Cavitation Lipo is here to help and completely non-invasive.

4D Ultrasound Cavitation Lipo works by using sound wave energy to deliver ultra high frequency(40kHz) to a depth of 8 to 10 mm. This energy impacts the adipocytes (fat cells) and forms pressure bubbles between the cells. The cell membrane is ruptured and the fat liquefied.  The liquified fat leaves your body via your lymphatic drainage system.

Inch loss cavitation

The cavitation lipo method is also excellent at ‘reorganising‘ fat cells which leaves the skin smoother and softer. 

No need need to worry about skin being left loose or lax after the fat has gone, because the 4D Cavitation Lipo treatment head uses radio-frequency simultaneously to tighten the skin as we go!

Our professional therapist will tailor your treatment plan to you and your body‘s needs during your FREE consultation prior to your appointment.

Good news !!! Ultrasound Cavitation DOES NOT HURT !!
Once your measurements are taken and you have braved the application of the cold galvanic gel (…sorry, it has to be cool to work) you will feel a gentle warmth coming from the applicator head, which will glide around your dedicated treatment area. Your therapist will apply a small amount of pressure on the applicator head to ensure optimal skin contact and wave penetration.

The moment the applicator head makes contact with your skin, you might perceive a high pitch sound in your ear. The intensity of the sound is dependent on the area being treated and varies hugely from person to person. While some people might find this unpleasant, it has been proven to be safe   

A course of 6 sessions is usually recommended. These should be placed with a minimum of 48hrs between them - ideally 72hrs. This allows time for the liquefied fat to leave the body via the lymphatic drainage system.

Yes, it is advised to eat a light diet the day before and on the day of your treatment. Also limit your caffeine and alcohol intake. Hydration is key - It is essential to drink 1.5-2 litres of water before your cavitation treatment.

Yes, absolutely ! Cavitation requires your dedication - If the aftercare is not followed the liquified fat may re-settle in your body and the desired results may not be achieved.

After the treatment you must exercise for 30mins (cardio exercise), drink 2-3 litres of water daily, avoid caffeine and alcohol for at least 48hrs and maintain a light low carb/low sugar diet

Cavitation is an advanced electrical treatment, therefore it may not be suitable for some clients. If you are affected by any of the following we might be able to advise an alternative procedure (please be aware this list is not conclusive and there may be other conditions precluding you from cavitation - the therapist will advise you during your consultation)

- pregnancy / breastfeeding
- pacemaker / internal defibrillator
- cardiac disorders
- cancer
- active eczema/psoriasis in treatment area
- recent surgical procedure in treatment area
- Type 1 Diabetes
- liver or kidney conditions

A doctors note may be required for other disorders such as Type 2 Diabetes.

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